Simple Link Cloaker Plugin Available for Download

Because some days are better than others, I managed to upload the wrong zip file of the link cloaker plugin. That error has been corrected. This is the correct download link for the Simple Link Cloaker plugin.

It seems that if I had named the Simple Link Cloaker plugin The Fabulous Redirector instead, all would have been well – but the guys/girls that run the WordPress plugin repository didn’t like the term ‘cloaker’. I guess it implies being shady, which we all know is not the intent or use for this plugin.

At any rate, since you can’t get it from WordPress any more, you can get it here: ilwp-simple-link-cloaker. Installation is a snap, if you remember the old way of installing plugins:

  1. download the plugin zip file to your computer
  2. unzip the file into a directory
  3. upload the entire plugin folder to your wp-content/plugins folder
  4. activate through the Dashboard > Plugins interface

Thank you for all of your support!


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