Why I’ll Probably Never Visit Your Blog Again

In my office, I run on a 8mbs cable connection. In other words, about a bazillion times faster than dialup. I don’t pay the extra money for this kind of speed just because I want the technology. I do it because page load times make a difference in my day.

So when I visit your blog, and I’m stuck waiting on an adserver to spit out an ad, and nothing else on the page is loading, what do you think I’m going to do? Right-o. The little ‘x’ button up in the corner. I’ll say goodbye to what could possibly have become one of my favorite blogs. But I’ll never know, because I refuse to wait for 30 seconds or a minute for your network adserver to respond.

Now, I’m not against ads. Not at all. Not even close. I help people monetize their blogs quite frequently. Advertising of some sort is the life blood of a working blogger.

But do it intelligently.

Hire a developer to rework your templates so the ads load LAST. If you’re with a network that requires scripting in the <head> area of the page, switch networks. Pretty radical? Why? They’re not doing you a favor when their servers are overloaded or slow to respond. You’re losing readers.

Work with your ad providers to provide reader-friendly advertising. You never know – you just might gain more readers and make more money in the process.