TweetSweetR for WordPress

This permanent page is where you’ll be able to find ongoing updates and information about the TweetSweetR for WordPress plugin.


TweetSweetR has not been tested on versions of WordPress prior to 2.7. It uses some WordPress core functions that were not available previously. I hope to, in the near future, make the plugin backward-compatible to at least v. 2.6, but that won’t happen any time soon.

Additionally, TweetSweetR requires PHP functions unavailable before PHP version 5.2.0. Most hosting companies are current in their PHP installs, but some are behind. The plugin checks PHP version and will not install if the version is insufficient. Sorry, but I have no plans to make the plugin backward-compatible to older versions of PHP. If your host is still running an older version, ask that they upgrade. If they won’t, get a new hosting company.

Current plugin version: 0.6.0. Added support for substituting a commenter’s Twitter avatar for the standard WordPress gravatar, if it is available under the commenter’s email address. Defaults to standard Gravatar use if Twitter avatar isn’t found. If one IS found, the URL is cached to eliminate excessive wait times and HTTP calls.

Current plugin version: 0.5.2. Added bugfix to account for case-sensitivity of urls

Current plugin version is 0.5.1. If you downloaded .5.0 in the last few minutes, please grab the new version. It contains an update of the MostTweeted widget.

Current plugin version is 0.5.0

download TweetSweetR here


If you are upgrading from a previous version of TweetSweetR, please follow WordPress suggestions and deactivate the TweetSweetR plugin before uploading new files. Upload the new folder, then reactivate the plugin.


Installation is easy. Download the plugin to your local computer. Unzip into its own directory. Upload the entire tweetsweetr directory to your WordPress plugins folder (usually at wp-content/plugins). Log into your blog’s admin area and navigate to the plugins page. Click on ‘Activate’ to activate TweetSweetR.

When TweetSweetR is first activated, it automatically installs several database tables and default options. When this process is finished, you’ll see a TweetSweetR link in your Settings menu.

The first thing you MUST do for TweetSweetR to work is to enter your login details on the Settings page. TweetSweetR makes several requests to twitter’s servers that require authentication, and if you don’t fill in these values or enter incorrect values, the plugin will not function properly.


TweetSweetR is mostly automatic. The plugin provides a number of widgets for your sidebar. You can, if you wish, control where the ‘tweetback’ list and badge appear within your posts. Details are on the plugin settings page.


If certain TweetSweetR features seem to be not working for you, the most likely cause is that you either haven’t entered your login information, or the login info is incorrect. Future versions of the plugin will allow you to check this.


For the time being, support will be provided from comments on this page. When the plugin is posted on the WordPress plugins repository, support will be through the forums available on the plugin page at WordPress. In the meantime, please feel free to ask questions and post your support requests here.