Using PHP Short Tags in Plugins Is a No-No

I had a client call up over the weekend in a panic because her blog disappeared.

“Help! All I see is a blank screen!”

“What’s the last thing you did?” says I.

“Updated my theme files,” says she.

So after an hour’s worth of troubleshooting, I found the problem:

Plugin and theme developers: please do us all a favor and do NOT use the short PHP opening tag (<?) instead of the full length tag: <?php.

Just because you have your development server set up to recognize short tags doesn’t mean that production servers do. In fact, many if not most of them don’t.

Just a request. Yeah, I suppose I make some money fixing this stuff when you do that. But I’d rather not.

Bloggers: if you upload a plugin or theme and you get a fatal error saying “Unexpected $end in filename.php at line xx”, this is one of the first things to check.

Unfortunately, if your web server isn’t set up to allow short PHP tags and also doesn’t display errors (production servers shouldn’t display PHP errors or notices) you might just get the dreaded blank white “I’m dead” screen.

Just something to be aware of.


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